Lotus Field Feasting

I took a(nother) trip down to the Mekong Delta last week with my friend and student Hieu. I don’t know exactly where we were, and Siri didn’t either, and the best Google maps just said ‘location unknown’. So I can’t be more specific or help you find this place, sorry. I’m positive I couldn’t find it again if my life depended on it.
One of the day trips we did from our little home base was to this restaurant in the middle of a lotus field. I don’t know what it was called, I’m not even sure if it had a name. We had to drive a couple hours to find it and then down a long, narrow, single-car-spaced road raised above the rest of the river/swampy ground. Then we parked the car and walked a few minutes to get to the restaurant itself.
 Pictures can describe the setup much better than words can!
Every group got their own little hut/pavilion and a double-sided, single-page laminated menu. A lot of the food was lotus-related. The main course was fish, which could be seen swimming around in the pond over which we walked to get to our pavilion. Talk about farm-fresh!
Then the food was brought out to us in baskets when it was ready.
The walkways were pretty narrow, and I promise you, would pass exactly no safety inspection or regulation in the US. Oh, well. What’s life without a little danger?
 We had a little pot of coals on which to cook our soup, plus some bowls of rice, two big white fish, vegetables, and rice paper that you dip in water to soften, then wrap things in to make spring rolls.
 Here is me un-ironically wearing a leaf as a hat. It was 38C/101F and there was no AC or even fans.
There was a raised patch of dry ground and you could walk on it through the lotus fields.
Our total came to something like $30 for fresh lunch for five people. Great, simple meal.

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